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The Progressive Policy Think Tank

South Africa after Mandela: Beyond the rainbow?

Join Tim Gibbs, author of Mandela's Kinsmen for a discussion of South Africa's current political, social and economic status after what is set to be the most contested general election since a democratic South Africa was born.

Two decades after the end of apartheid and with South Africa going to the polls on 7 May, what is the legacy of liberation? Some commentators suggest the governing African National Congress (ANC) is no longer the party of Nelson Mandela, which once enjoyed global admiration. Certainly, South Africa's growing opposition parties hope to make electoral gains from the scandals surrounding state president, Jacob Zuma, and the fracturing of some trade union and township support for the ANC. Nevertheless, certain polls suggest the ANC will comfortably hold its majority, even increasing its support in rural hinterlands, not least because of progressive welfare policies that match Brazil's pioneering Bolsa Familia programmes.

  • Dr Tim Gibbs is a lecturer at UCL, a fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, and has lived in South Africa on and off for more than a decade.

Places are free but is essential that you book. If you would like to attend then please RSVP to Amna Uppal – see below for contact details.