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The Progressive Policy Think Tank

The UK and Europe: Why do the eurosceptics keep on winning?

With the crisis in the eurozone showing few signs of abating, British eurosceptics are rediscovering their voice and, with Treaty reform potentially on the agenda, they are sensing an opportunity to repatriate further powers from Brussels and fundamentally recast the UK's relationship with the EU. Who are the eurosceptics, what are the different strands of euroscepticism in the UK, and why do they appear to appeal to large parts of the electorate?

Confirmed speakers for this seminar include:

  • Douglas Alexander MP, shadow foreign secretary
  • Douglas Carswell MP, Conservative party
  • Ben Page, chief executive of Ipsos MORI
  • Olaf Cramme, director of Policy Network
  • David Rennie, Bagehot columnist at the Economist (chair)

31 October 2011
(13.45 for) 14.00-15.30

4th Floor
14 Buckingham Street
London WC2N 6DF

This seminar will explore these questions in detail and ask how European politics can be better connected to the needs, concerns and values of UK citizens. Our speakers will explore how the case for a more positive and pro-active UK engagement in European affairs might be made - by politicians, the media, business and civil society - at a time when economic integration is being severely tested and the future of the European project itself is in doubt. They will also consider the prospects for and implications of further British disengagement from EU affairs.

IPPR is holding a series of six high-level seminars to explore what the future holds for the European project, and Britain's engagement in it, in light of the ongoing economic and political dislocations at the heart of the European Union.

Places are strictly limited and will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. Please RSVP to