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The Progressive Policy Think Tank

Past Environmental Justice Commission events

Putting people at the Heart of the Green Transition

The parliamentary launch event for the IPPR and WWF collection Putting People at the Heart of the Green Transition. The event was introduced by commission co-chair Ed Miliband MP and the event was moderated by fellow co-chair Laura Sandys. The panel featured many report contributors explaining their essay arguments to a packed House of Commons committee room.Speakers: Ed Miliband MP, Angela Francis (WWF), Beth Farhat (TUC), Dimitri Zenghelis (Wealth Economy Project), Sophie Sleeman (UK Student Climate Network), Luke Murphy (IPPR) and chair Laura Sandys

Naomi Klein in conversation with Ed Miliband MP

The Commission was delighted to host award-winning journalist, columnist and author Naomi Klein in conversation with Ed Miliband MP. The pair discuss how bold climate action can be a blueprint for a just and thriving society. Naomi also told us about her new book On Fire: The Burning Case for a Green New Deal.

Conservative Party Conference fringe 

TheCommission hosted a panel event at Conservative Party conference titled Decarbonising the Economy and Delivering Net Zero. The panel discussed the governments' net zero by 2050 pledge, the UK's climate diplomacy and building public support for action. The session was also joined by the Prime Minisiter's father, Stanley Johnson, who asked a question from the floor.Speakers: Kwasi Kwarteng MP (Minister of State for Business, Energy and Clean Growth), Isabella Gornall (Seahorse Environmental Communications), Sam Hall (Conservative Environment Network), Laura Sandys (IPPR Environmental Justice Commission) and chair Luke Murphy (IPPR)

Labour Party Conference fringe

The Environmental Justice Commission held two events at Labour Party Conference. The first was a fun interactive session The Big Ideas Debate where experts and the sudience pitched ideas for achieiving environmental justice to the panel of commissioners and co-chair Ed Miliband MP.Speakers: Ed Miliband MP (IPPR Environmental Justice Commission), Leo Murray (10:10 Climate Action), Ann Pettifor (Prime), Simon Lewis (UCL), Luke Murphy (IPPR), Angela Franics (WWF), Fatima Zahra-Ibrahim (climate activist), Paul Nowak (TUC) and Tom Kibasi (IPPR)

The second event was titled Decarbonising the Economy and Delivering a Green Industrial Revolution and featured shadow cabinet member Barry Gardiner MP amongst commissioners and experts from LSE and HSBC. Barry Gardiner challenged pannelists to consider the implications for global justice when decarbonising the UK economy which generated a fascinating debate.Speakers: Barry Gardiner MP (Shadow International Trade Secretary), Angela Franics (WWF), Ed Miliband MP (IPPR Environmental Justice Commission), Nick Robins (LSE), Rebecca Self (HSBC) and chair Luke Murphy (IPPR).