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Progressive Brexit

Brexit is the biggest challenge the UK has faced in decades. If the UK is to prosper post-Brexit, we need to make choices that will open up opportunity, power and prosperity for everyone. 

David Mundell speaking at IPPR Scotland event in Glasgow

The issue

The vote to leave the EU has created the biggest challenge for the UK in decades. As the country works to strike a new deal, the decisions made in the next few months and years will shape Britain, and its place in the world, for a generation. The government has made it clear this will include re-thinking the UK’s approach to the free movement of people, and with this in mind the EU will almost certainly want to restrict the UK’s access to the single market in some way.

EU migrant workers in key occupations View data visualisation page

There will now be a long process of diplomatic negotiation between the UK and the EU, during which both parties will have ideas of what trade-offs between migration policy and market access they are willing to make. At the moment we cannot know what the outcome will look like, but this in itself presents opportunities for progressive thinkers and policymakers to shape a future where everyone belongs and prosperity is broadly shared.

Our impact

We are helping to shape the UK's post-Brexit future through the IPPR programme of activity, ‘Progressive Brexit’. The programme includes reports, blogs, briefings and events, all developed to support progressive thinkers and policymakers in shaping a prosperous future that works for everyone.

Our voice is being taken seriously, with our ideas often referenced by key players and in prominent media. The House of Lords European Union committee reports on Brexit and UK-EU movement of people, and Brexit and environment and climate change draw extensively on our research, ideas and evidence. We’re also reaching wider audiences through media coverage and comment pieces from our researchers, which have appeared in The Observer, The Times Red Box, Huffington Post, The Guardian, Telegraph and New Statesman, amongst others.

Alongside our written work we have hosted a number of events exploring and debating the various aspects of Brexit. Key speakers at these have included Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland; Tim Farron, then Leader of the Liberal Democrats; and the Rt Hon David Mundell, Secretary of State for Scotland.

What’s even more important is that these people are supporting our ideas. The government has signalled its support for a Northern Brexit negotiating committee, as proposed by us, whilst a number of MPs and the APPG on Social Integration have supported the idea of introducing a regional dimension into migration policy post-Brexit, also as originally advocated by IPPR.