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IPPR spokespeople regularly appear on broadcast media presenting new ideas, commenting on developing stories and debating policy. IPPR has media trained expert spokespeople across the full range of public policy  Find an expert | Media Contacts

Watch: Carsten Jung on Sky News: Climate After Covid

IPPR Senior Economist Carsten Jung participates in the Sky News special programme Covid After Climate, answering audience questions as part of an expert panel.

Video Environment Environmental Justice Commission IPPR on TV IPPR

Watch: NHS winter pressures - Harry Quilter-Pinner on BBC News

IPPR Senior Research Fellow Harry Quilter-Pinner explains the challenges facing the health service on BBC News following reports that the number of people waiting for care on trolleys has risen to...

Video Public services IPPR IPPR on TV Better Health and Care

Watch: Is the UK going cashless? - Rachel Statham on BBC World News

Is the UK heading towards a cashless society? Perhaps not yet, but how we pay is changing, with serious implications for the economy and our lives. IPPR Scotland Economic Analyst Rachel Statham...

Video Economy Centre for Economic Justice IPPR on TV IPPR

Watch: Carys Roberts on Channel 4 News

IPPR Chief Economist Carys Roberts tells Channel 4 News that Boris Johnson's claim that he can get UK economic growth up to 2.8% is "fantasy economics" and explains why it's so unlikely even if he...

Video Economy Centre for Economic Justice IPPR on TV IPPR

Watch: UN Climate Funding | Sky All Out Politics

IPPR Associate Fellow Laurie Laybourn-Langton speaks to Adam Boulton on Sky News All Out Politics about a new IPPR report on reforming international cooperation to tackle environmental breakdown...

Video Environment IPPR on TV IPPR