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Watch: Economic Justice for the Nations and Regions

The IPPR Commission on Economic Justice made the case for radical economic reform. This film is a summary of our national events series, engaging local policy communities and the wider public to...

Video Economy Commission on Economic Justice Centre for Economic Justice IPPR

Watch: The economic drivers of the climate crisis

Our economic model is driving the climate crisis. Our economy is not working for people either. But we can create a sustainable economy that delivers broadly based prosperity for all....

Video Economy Environment Environmental Justice Commission IPPR

Watch: NHS winter pressures - Harry Quilter-Pinner on BBC News

IPPR Senior Research Fellow Harry Quilter-Pinner explains the challenges facing the health service on BBC News following reports that the number of people waiting for care on trolleys has risen to...

Video Public services IPPR IPPR on TV Better Health and Care

Watch: A Just Transition Explained

The UK has to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to net zero, but what impact might these changes have across the country? IPPR's Josh Emden explains why we need a just transition to a green economy...

Video Environment Environmental Justice Commission IPPR

Watch: Nicola Sturgeon speech at IPPR Scotland

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon MSP keynote speech at IPPR's 'Economic Justice for Scotland' event In Edinburgh on 22nd January 2020. This keynote speech opened an event discussing paths to...

Video Economy Scotland IPPR Scotland

Watch: A More Digital and More Just Future

By 2028, forecasts suggest that fewer than 1 in 10 UK consumer payments will be made using cash. The digital revolution in finance will transform our economy and shift the balance of economic power....

Video Economy Centre for Economic Justice IPPR

Watch: Is the UK going cashless? - Rachel Statham on BBC World News

Is the UK heading towards a cashless society? Perhaps not yet, but how we pay is changing, with serious implications for the economy and our lives. IPPR Scotland Economic Analyst Rachel Statham...

Video Economy Centre for Economic Justice IPPR on TV IPPR