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The Progressive Policy Think Tank

Juncture 22.1: Summer 2015


The election result has transformed the UK's political landscape. For the progressive centre-left, it marked a catastrophic defeat of both the liberal and social democratic traditions in this country. For the Conservative victors, it was a victory made sweeter by the fact that few saw it coming. But the new political terrain over which they now preside is littered with many potential pitfalls. The UK's constitutional settlement is buckling and in urgent need of democratic renovation, our relationship with Europe will be tested and potentially remade, and challenging questions of identity, security and place run through our politics. If the country is to navigate its way through intact, it will need to better understand itself and the social, economic and cultural trends that are reshaping our politics and political identities. To that end, this edition of Juncture presents an anatomical examination of the UK today, tracing its vital nerves and arteries, testing its creaky joints.

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  • Editorial / Mathew Lawrence, Guy Lodge and Nick Pearce
  • What national story does the centre-left need to tell? / Nick Pearce and Michael Kenny
  • Digital politics: Why progressives need to shape rather than merely exploit the digital economy / David Runciman
  • Liberalism in anxious times: Constructing a clear, positive liberal vision for society / David Hall-Matthews
  • Post-politics and the future of the left / Eliane Glaser
  • What can be done about inequality? / Tony Atkinson
  • A defeat to reckon with: On Scotland, economic competence, and the complexities of Labour's losses / John Curtice
  • After the deluge: Britain's new third party arrives at Westminster / James Stafford
  • Northern voices: How far can a bottom-up 'new regionalism' go towards answering the English question? / Ed Cox and Arianna Giovannini
  • Building a constitutional convention: Citizens and the UK's constitutional moment / Stuart White
  • Midlife crisis? Spanish democracy at 40 / Anna Bosco
  • Bob Gavron, 1930–2015 / Tessa Blackstone