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The Progressive Policy Think Tank

The London Progression Collaboration

About the LPC

The London Progression Collaboration is an innovative initiative to create new apprenticeships which help low-paid Londoners to progress in work, and which enable the capital’s businesses to develop vital skills.

IPPR hosts and incubates the London Progression Collaboration, an innovative initiative addressing the barriers Londoners face accessing good work by supporting SMEs to create high-quality apprenticeships.

Many Londoners face significant barriers accessing and progressing in work, contributing to rising levels of in-work poverty. Disadvantaged young Londoners, those with low levels of prior qualifications, and those from minoritised communities are all less likely than their peers to be able to get into good work and to access the training needed to progress in work.

Apprenticeships deliver the greatest benefits to disadvantaged learners. With businesses facing serious skills shortages and Londoners struggling with the cost of living, apprenticeships offer too good an opportunity to miss. Yet across the country and in London, we’re failing to realise this potential. In the context of an overall decline in apprenticeship starts since 2017, it is those at lower levels, those accessed by young people, and those offered by SMEs which have been hit the hardest.

The LPC addresses these issues by supporting SMEs to create new apprenticeships for disadvantaged Londoners, via a hands-on business support service. The LPC also brokers the transfer of unspent apprenticeship levy funds, to cover the full cost of apprenticeship training for SMEs.

Since its launch in 2020, the LPC has created over 1,000 new apprenticeships and leveraged over £10 million in unspent levy funds. To find out more about how your business could work with the LPC, go to

The LPC’s pilot was funded by J.P.Morgan Chase and the Greater London Authority. Its current funders include Youth Futures Foundation, Trust for London and Gatsby Foundation.