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The Progressive Policy Think Tank

The London Progression Collaboration

Information for Employers

The LPC offers fully-funded apprenticeship support to businesses of all sizes within Greater London, to help create new apprenticeship opportunities.
  • We work with levy-paying businesses on their apprenticeship strategy and delivery, and to transfer unspent levy funds in line with strategic priorities. 
  • We work with small businesses to understand how apprenticeships could work for their business, to go through a practical step-by-step apprenticeship journey, and to access full apprenticeship funding.
  • We work with apprenticeship training providers to secure levy transfer funds for small businesses to access apprenticeships.

Who is eligible to work with the London Progression Collaboration?

The London Progression Collaboration works with London employers of all sizes – levy payers and SMEs – in three key sectors: retail, hospitality, and construction.

To be considered a London employer, businesses must employ all or part of their workforce in London, regardless of the location of their headquarters. The initiative will support apprenticeships in London.

What is the cost to employers?

To access our support, nothing at all!

The business support which the London Progression Collaboration offers is free to London employers in the retail, hospitality and construction sectors. This is enabled by the funding the initiative receives from the Greater London Authority and from J.P Morgan.

Beyond the training costs covered by the Apprenticeship Levy, the costs of employing an apprentice (salary and associated admin) remain the responsibility of the employer.

Next steps

To find out more about how the LPC can support your business, visit the website or contact LPC Director Anna Ambrose: [email protected] / 07503 627295