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Our local communities

Our jurors all heard stories of community groups that are taking action: restoring woodland, making better use of disused land in the city and even generating renewable energy. They saw this as a sign of what is possible if more power and opportunity is given to local people.

In the South Wales Valleys a few miles can make a real difference to the needs of a place and the people in it. Our jurors want more decisions to be made at a local level, recognising the uniqueness of each place. There can’t be a one size fits all approach.

In Aberdeenshire they told us that young people will be the most affected by the changes to come and they should feel part of shaping a greener future. They want communities to be supported to respond to the climate and nature emergencies and more people to know that action is possible.

Our Thurrock jurors want it to be easier for the community to take action. They want the community to be really, meaningfully listened to and given the power and the tools to do things themselves.

In Tees Valley and County Durham our jurors believed that we should be learning from what is already out there. They want more community ownership of local assets and for different voices to be heard and brought together. No one can be left out.

The area needs…the input of local people with on the ground experience to share with those who have responsibility to make things happen.
Thurrock citizens’ jury
Empowering the public
Jurors Stephen, Sarah, Monica and Charles share their thoughts on how communities need to be involved in action on the climate and nature crises.