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Known as the ‘oil capital of Europe’, Aberdeen has become central to discussions about the just transition to low carbon jobs for workers in polluting industries. More than 10 per cent of total employment in Aberdeenshire is currently in the oil and gas industry.

In recent years, fluctuations in oil prices have resulted in high job losses, population decreases and cuts to wages and hours. Oil and gas is one of the few industries in the UK that does need to be phased out to meet net zero targets. There will need to be new jobs in its place.

Our Aberdeenshire jurors said that “the fossil fuel industry needs to be replaced” and called on the UK, Scottish and local governments to work with the private sector to make Aberdeen “a centre of excellence for renewable energy for Europe”.

They want to see good jobs for local people to move into, that make the most of their existing skills. They don’t want the cost of change to fall to the individuals working in this sector. They want to see leadership and investment from government and business.

Oil and gas workers need access to training opportunities that will allow them to move quickly to new jobs that make the most use of their existing skills.
Aberdeenshire citizens’ jury
The oil transition in Aberdeenshire
Caitlin is an optometrist and lives in Aberdeen. Her father works in oil and gas. She talks about how much of an impact the oil and gas industry has on the people who live in Aberdeenshire.