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At IPPR we try and find solutions to the problems and challenges facing Britain today. Our videos will guide you through our analysis of problems in policy and our ideas for how we can make the world we live in a better place.

Watch: The Covid Shift

We've all been working very differently recently. But these often innovative flexible working solutions needn't be just for this crisis. This is a pivotal moment when we should embed healthier working practices across the economy. 

Video Economy Centre for Economic Justice IPPR

Watch: A Living Rent

Meet Jasmine - she has to spend over a third of her income on rent. There are 1.2 million people just like her. So what can be done to make housing more affordable? We put forward an innovative new...

Video Housing & infrastructure IPPR

Watch: Securing a green recovery from Covid-19

IPPR Webinar on how we achieve a green recovery from Covid-19. The speakers consider what action government, business and wider society should be taking to ensure we achieve an economic recovery that...

Video Environment Environmental Justice Commission IPPR

Watch: Faster, Further and Fairer

Watch: Faster, Further and Fairer The UK must go ‘faster, further and fairer’ to combat climate and nature crisis and rebuild economy after the pandemic. IPPR's cross-party Environmental Justice...

Video Environment Environmental Justice Commission IPPR

Watch: Decades of the Disruption

A number of major disruptive forces will transform life in the UK and globally in the 2020s and beyond, creating a new set of social risks. The economic shock resulting from the pandemic follows a...

Video Public services Future Welfare State IPPR

Watch: Economic Justice for the Nations and Regions

The IPPR Commission on Economic Justice made the case for radical economic reform. This film is a summary of our national events series, engaging local policy communities and the wider public to...

Video Economy Commission on Economic Justice Centre for Economic Justice IPPR

Watch: The economic drivers of the climate crisis

Our economic model is driving the climate crisis. Our economy is not working for people either. But we can create a sustainable economy that delivers broadly based prosperity for all....

Video Economy Environment Environmental Justice Commission IPPR

Watch: NHS winter pressures - Harry Quilter-Pinner on BBC News

IPPR Senior Research Fellow Harry Quilter-Pinner explains the challenges facing the health service on BBC News following reports that the number of people waiting for care on trolleys has risen to...

Video Public services IPPR IPPR on TV Better Health and Care