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At IPPR we try and find solutions to the problems and challenges facing Britain today. Our videos will guide you through our analysis of problems in policy and our ideas for how we can make the world we live in a better place.

Watch: Commission on Health and Prosperity launch | BBC Newsnight

Too many people are suffering a double injustice of bad health and limited livelihoods. BBC Newsnight looks at new IPPR analysis on health inequalities and the impact of the pandemic on the workforce...

Video Commission on Health and Prosperity IPPR

Watch: Levelling Up white paper reaction | BBC News

IPPR executive director Carys Roberts speaks to BBC News on the day the government is unveiling details of its levelling up agenda.

Video Devolution & local leadership Economy IPPR IPPR on TV

Watch: Cost of living crisis explained | BBC News

IPPR's head of the Centre for Economic Justice, Dr George Dibb, explains the factors driving soaring costs and what should be done about it.

Video Economy Centre for Economic Justice IPPR on TV IPPR