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Progressive Review

IPPR's journal of politics and ideas, showcasing the best in British and international thinking for achieving lasting progressive change

The permafrost of no alternatives has cracked; the horizon of political possibilities is expanding. IPPR Progressive Review is a pluralistic space to debate where next for progressives, examine the opportunities and challenges confronting us and ask the big questions facing our politics: transforming a failed economic model, renewing a frayed social contract, building a new relationship with Europe. Publishing the best writing in economics, politics and culture, IPPR Progressive Review explores how we can best build a more equal, humane and prosperous society.

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The power of framing: Lessons for progressives

When was the last time you heard a perspective that unsettled or transformed the way you think about an issue?   That’s the power of framing.   How people, organisations, campaigners and...

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The power of framing - issue contents (30.1)

In this issue of the Progressive Review we ask: Which framing narratives are influencing the public? Who is doing the framing and whose interests are at stake? When are they doing it? How are the...

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30 years of Progressive Review - issue contents (29.3)

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of IPPR’s Progressive Review, this edition of the journal sees prominent voices in progressive politics grapple with the last three decades, and what we can learn...

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29.2 issue contents - Countering extremism and the far-right

In the midst of multiple crises – social, economic, political, environmental – the world over is reckoning with the threat of far-right ideologies that offer seemingly simple solutions to anything...

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29.1 issue contents - The future of public service broadcasting

Marking 100 years of the BBC, this edition of Progressive Review  focusses on the future of public service broadcasting in the rapidly changing media landscape While some may argue that...

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Editorial - A fair COP?

COP26 – the ‘Glasgow summit’ - was trailed as a pivotal moment in the world’s fight against climate change. The summit opened with dramatic warnings from world leaders about the scale of the crisis...

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28:4 issue contents - A fair COP?

Six years after the historic international consensus to tackle climate change in Paris, the reaction to the Conference of Parties (COP) in Glasgow was noticeably more muted. This was supposed to be...

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