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IPPR North responds to the Levelling Up White Paper

Dr Arianna Giovannini, interim director of IPPR North said:

“After years of central government rhetoric and little in the way of meaningful policy to match it, the UK is more regionally divided than ever – with real, avoidable and unacceptable consequences for people. That’s the context of this white paper. 

“What we’ve seen so far suggests that the white paper is a step in the right direction - with a commitment to broadening and deepening devolution, and ambitious missions. What remains nebulous in the white paper is whether the policy plans set will have adequate investment behind them. Without it, government rhetoric will fail, once again, to turn into reality.

“This white paper sets the right ambitions, but it also requires a radical reimagining of where power lies. More devolution is welcome, but it should be open to all areas and not just a few selected on a competitive basis or cherry-picked by government.

“To truly empower localities, the government must let go. Regions like the North have the ability and resolve to level up for ourselves. Central government should recognise this. Our door is open to policymakers to work with us to achieve it”.


Contact: Rosie Lockwood, head of media and advocacy for IPPR North, on 07585772633 or [email protected] 


Arianna Giovannini is available for interview in the afternoon, either in Sheffield or online. Senior research fellow Jonathan Webb is available for interview in Manchester or online, and senior research fellow Erica Roscoe is available for interview online.

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