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The Progressive Policy Think Tank

Building Better Partnerships

>The culmination of nearly two years of work, in which the Commission - a group of leading public and private sector managers, academics and trade unionists - set out a new direction for the UK's public services. Following extensive consultation across all sectors - public, private and voluntary - the Commission makes a wide-ranging set of proposals on where, when and how partnerships have a role to play in improving public services. Provocative and forward looking, Building Better Partnerships

The starting point for the work of the Commission was the need to renew support for universal, public funded services through improvements in their quality and responsiveness. The aim was to assess the appropriate contribution of PPPs in delivering this agenda.

Under the 1997-2001 Labour government PPPs have been the source of huge controversy: critics argue that they are little more than privatisation by stealth, while supporters maintain that PPPs are the key to the transformation of the UK's public services. This report cuts through the different economic and policy arguments around PPPs highlighting both the promise and the pitfalls of different models of partnership.