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The Progressive Policy Think Tank

Progressive Brexit

The UK stands at a crossroads in its relationship with the rest of Europe. In the coming months and years, the UK faces a range of major policy decisions that are set to reshape our place in the world. These choices will have a profound impact on nearly every area of our social and economic life – on our employment and consumer rights, on how we produce and consume food, on our labour market, on the environment, on our universities, and on many of our core industries.

IPPR’s new programme of work will explore what a progressive settlement for post-Brexit Britain should look like. How can the government get the right deal in the UK-EU negotiations to secure jobs and living standards? How can we ensure that the final settlement is fair for every part of the country and protects the worst off? How can we guarantee the rights of EU citizens and develop a just and progressive immigration system? And how can we seek to safeguard and expand consumer, employment and environmental protections once we leave? Drawing on new data analysis, public opinion polling, and original policy thinking, IPPR’s ‘Progressive Brexit’ programme explores some of the central questions for the UK’s future as it leaves the EU.