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The Progressive Policy Think Tank

IPPR's manifesto for change: General election 2017

As the UK prepares to return to the polling stations on 8 June it is clear that Brexit will dominate much of the public debate over the next five weeks, as the negotiations and the aftermath will dominate British politics over the next five years.

But the UK faces serious challenges that whoever is elected in June must tackle alongside getting the best Brexit deal. Half of all UK households have seen no meaningful improvement in their incomes for more than a decade; our NHS faces unpreceded challenges from an aging population and the crisis in social care; and our housing system has consistently failed to build anywhere near the number of new homes we need.

We believe that any policy programme for the next parliament must seek to do five key things if we are to confront some of the challenges we face.

  1. Negotiate a progressive Brexit.
  2. Create an economy that works for all.
  3. Tackle the crisis in health and care.
  4. Respond to the housing crisis.
  5. Protect our environment.

At IPPR, we are setting out a series of practical and progressive recommendations for change. We hope they will be useful to all political parties in setting out how they will deliver the kind of change Britain needs to deal with the mounting pressures it faces.