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The Progressive Policy Think Tank

Leading Together: A new vision for political leadership on race

Traditional approaches to political leadership on race, based on a coercive, command-and-control model of change, should give way to a new vision based on energising, inspiring and empowering ordinary people at the grass roots.

Never have so many different dimensions of Britain's race 'problem' occupied such a prominent position on the political agenda as they do today. The solution for critics on both left and right is to call for 'stronger' political leadership, but none has yet developed a convincing account of what this leadership should really look like or how it will bring about their vision of a better society.

In this paper, David Lammy MP argues we must stop looking for such easy answers. Government alone cannot and will not solve our problems for us. If we are serious about tackling them, it is time we recognised that the real power to effect lasting change lies within organisations and communities themselves.