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The Progressive Policy Think Tank

Racial justice consultation

IPPR is considering starting a new racial justice programme, focussed on how to build a more inclusive society and dismantle structures that disadvantage people of colour.

In starting a new programme, we would want to demonstrate solidarity with existing movements, foster stronger ties between grassroots organisations and policy spaces, and help propel meaningful and impactful change.

In this spirit, we are launching a consultation to seek views and advice on whether to start a new programme on racial justice and, if we do, how it can be best designed to add value to the wider racial justice movement.

This consultation is for people and organisations who are engaged in racial justice issues, whether they are campaigners, researchers or other interested individuals.

For more background information on the consultation, please read the short document you can download on this page.

The consultation should take around 10 minutes to fill in and can be accessed here.

The consultation will be open until 5 pm on 24 November 2023.