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Building back better: Prosperity and justice after Covid-19

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Topic: Economy

In aid of India? Defining a positive role for the UK

In November 2012, the government announced that UK financial aid to India would end completely in 2015. This arbitrary termination means the opportunity is missed to develop a more holistic approach...

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The long view: Public services and public spending in 2030

Britain faces a longer-term fiscal challenge. The Office for Budget Responsibility has estimated that by 2030 Britain will once again move into deficit because long-term trends look set to increase...

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The case for austerity among the rich

The general case against austerity has been well made: the economy moves into a cycle of decline. Let us suppose that current policy fails, that it becomes clear that the freed-up market is not...

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An economic stimulus for the UK: the chancellor's choices

This briefing analyses the costs and relative benefits of several of the main options for a temporary economic stimulus open to George Osborne as the budget approaches, and also assesses the...

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The case against austerity today

The near-default of Greece, with contagion gradually spreading to other countries in the eurozone, has led policymakers around the world to switch from fiscal stimulus to fiscal austerity. What...

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Coalition tax policy

Once again, tax is in the news. A fierce debate is raging about the wisdom of the 50 per cent top rate of income tax, while the Coalition government is committed to raising the income tax personal...

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Deficit Reduction Averaging: A Plan B for fiscal tightening

This paper assesses the extent to which the plans of the Coalition government and of the previous Labour government successfully balance the demands of economic sensitivity and market sensitivity. It...

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Reviewing the Spending Review: A sectoral analysis

The dust has settled on the Coalition's announcement of its Comprehensive Spending Review and, as the headlines fade, the ramifications of the government's cuts for different streams of public sector...

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