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The democratic dimensions of the Suffragettes' victory

Last week’s centenary of the 1918 Representation of the People Act was an opportune moment to celebrate the achievements of the Suffragette women who put lives and livelihoods on the line to secure a …

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Can we count on our economic statistics?

Economic statistics are the viewfinder through which we see our economy. When they are timely and accurate, they give a clear, comprehensive picture of how our economic world is evolving. But if they …

Blog post Expert comment Economy Commission on Economic Justice

Carillion’s missing millions

Many have argued that the Carillion saga captures everything that is wrong with our economic model. The short-termism and greed that underlie the ideology of shareholder value, the concentration of …

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The Growth Delusion

In 1966, the American economist Kenneth Boulding came up with the concept of the “cowboy economy” and the “spaceman economy”. The cowboy economy, suited to an era of sparse population and abundant …

David Pilling
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The NHS desperately needs a new vision for the 21st century

This year the NHS turns 70 years old. For seven decades it has been there for us at times of most basic human need, offering care and compassion. The NHS has been a vital friend to millions: it …

Ara Darzi
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Ownership and inequality in the robotic age

The growing capability of machines has raised the spectre of mass technologically induced unemployment and profound economic disruption. Yet despite the accelerating ability of robots and artificial …

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Owning the Future

Neoliberalism is many things: a failing but widespread economic common sense, an attempt to insulate the political from the economic, an approach to modernity that seeks discipline and control …

Blog post Long read Economy Commission on Economic Justice

A Renewed Approach to Civil Society?

A new year traditionally offers the chance for radical renewal and a change of approach. But, as the Prime Minister’s botched reshuffle shows, the status quo can be surprisingly hard to shift. …

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