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Go west: Bristol and the post-Brexit immigration system

The government’s proposals to end freedom of movement will have different consequences for different parts of the UK. This paper explores how the proposals could impact on the economy of Bristol and …

Rohan Roy
Publication Report Society & migration IPPR

Watch: A Better Tax System

Fundamental reform of the income tax system is needed. We should tax all sources of income together and equally under a single tax schedule, with a gradually rising marginal tax rate as income rises …

Video Economy IPPR

Watch: Land Market Explained

Want genuinely affordable homes? Then we’ve got to tackle to broken land market Land speculation is driving up prices and preventing affordable homes being built Luke Murphy sets out IPPR’s plan to …

Video Economy Housing & infrastructure IPPR

Watch: The Housing Crisis Explained

Mortgage debt has tripled since 1993. Research Fellow Jonathan Webb explains how our housing system ended up in the state it's in, and why we’ve got to stop treating housing like an asset and go back …

Video Economy Housing & infrastructure IPPR