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Tess Lanning

Associate fellow Lanning Tess Tess is a freelance policy consultant and head of business development at the Living Wage Foundation, where she leads on the development of new tools, evidence and …

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An economy that speaks to the Nation

At this year's party conferences, politicians of all colours spoke to the deep sense of economic uncertainty that pervades the nation. David Cameron argued in his speech that we are facing a watershed moment, when Britain can either sink or swim. In contrast to New Labour's reluctance to challenge the economic orthodoxy of the day, Ed Miliband's One Nation narrative suggested that an economy that works for working people is in Britain's reach. But what would it take to deliver?

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Rethinking Skills Policy

For all the talk of the UK's high skilled 'knowledge' economy, a significant amount of low wage, low skilled work persists. This is due to the stubborn long tail of low value, low productivity firms that rely on cheap and low skilled staff to deliver products and services that are often low quality. Nearly half of jobs in the UK do not require post-secondary education and a third of firms offer no training to staff.The result is persistently high levels of in-work poverty and stagnant social mobility.

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