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Radically Big Society, Pt 3

The Twentieth Century Society (full disclosure: I am a member) has the unenviable task of defending 20th century architecture. I mean unenviable in two senses: thankless, and often fruitless. Witness Gateshead Car Park or the Tricorn Centre in Portsmouth.

It is a wonderful organisation that has a more sympathetic ear from the new architecture minister, John Penrose, than ever it did from his predecessor, Margaret Hodge, who loathed much of Britain’s post-war architecture.

The society campaigns with integrity, expertise and grace. Here’s an excellent example of its work, on a deeply contested cause celebre. See if you agree with me.

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One Response to Radically Big Society, Pt 3

  1. hk says:

    maybe it was inevitable, but now the car park has gone, tescos is arguably the most recognisable landmark in gateshead town centre….