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  1. Lack of progress on growth "a wake-up call", says IPPR

  2. Prices still rising a “reminder of the costs working people have paid” says IPPR

  3. Revealed: Heart disease is the single largest factor behind people leaving the workforce due to ill health

  4. Hundreds of millions in apprenticeship levy raised by public sector since 2018 has returned to government

  5. Labour announcement means neither party has plan for sufficient investment to drive growth and net zero, says IPPR

  6. BP hands “excessive” pay-outs to shareholders despite fall in profits

  7. Years of under-investment in England’s streets has left people walk wary and cycle cautious, says new report

  8. Interest rate held, but Bank of England risks being too slow to prepare for cuts

  9. Revealed: Sickness epidemic creating new wave of economically inactive in ‘bad health blackspots’

  10. IPPR responds to rise in inflation

  11. “Investment, investment, investment” only way to revive economy, says IPPR

  12. Two term turnaround: It will take until 2030s to fix public services, says IPPR