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  1. Who gets a good deal? Revealing public attitudes to transport in Great Britain

    Transport isn’t working. That’s the message from the British public. This is especially true if you’re on a low income, disabled or living in the countryside. The cost of living crisis has exposed the shortcomings of our transport system,…
  2. Man using AI chatbot

    Transformed by AI: How generative artificial intelligence could affect work in the UK – and how to manage it

    Technological change is a good thing. It has brought exponential gains to living standards and is the foundation of modern society. Yet unmanaged technological change has always come with risks and disruptions.
  3. Celebrating 20 years of IPPR North

    For two decades IPPR North has been at the centre of the debate about how to rebalance England's regions. Here we take stock of how far we have come and the role we have played in shaping the "levelling up" debate.
  4. Costing the Rwanda plan

    Total payments to Rwanda for removing this cohort of people could range between £1.1 billion and £3.9 billion.
  5. A woman in a yellow jumper is explaining something to a diverse group of volunteers

    Working wonders: The role of employability in tackling poverty

    Better employment is the key to tackling poverty in Scotland
  6. Handforth in hindsight: The future of hyperlocal governance in England

    Hyperlocal governance has huge potential. It can give people a greater say in their areas, helping them determine and deliver what is needed in their neighbourhoods, and bring social benefits to communities as well.