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Taking the Mickey

With Christmas approaching, a number of ippr’s staff took to the streets on Wednesday for some carol singing of a different kind. They joined London Citizens in their action at the Disney store in Oxford Street, to sing some carols about the injustices of life on low pay. On a cold and damp evening, a merry crowd of citizens from across the city gathered to demand a Living Wage for all employees.

The Living Wage Campaign calls for every worker in the country to earn enough to provide their family with the essentials of life. Launched by London Citizens in 2001, the campaign has won over £40 million of Living Wages, lifting over 6,500 families out of working poverty. The Living Wage is calculated according to cost of living and gives the minimum pay rate required for a worker to provide their family with the essentials of life. In London the current rate is £7.85 per hour. ippr was the first voluntary sector organisation to pay a Living Wage to all its employees and has recently become a member of London Citizens. Their campaigns reflect many of our own research priorities on issues of low pay and social justice.

ippr’s Tim Finch, Director of Communications, donned the famous ears

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