Government looks into unpaid internships following ippr report

Published Wed 4 Aug 2010
>Following the release of a new report

In a news release from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, Mr Willetts added that getting young people into work was a priority for the government and that internships could help 'but the exploitation of interns is unacceptable and employment legislation must not be breached'.

The ippr and Internocracy report pointed out that employers were mistaken in believing that there is a 'grey area' in employment law around unpaid internships and argued that all interns should be paid.

ippr's Deputy Director, Kate Stanley, said:

'We are delighted that the Coalition government has responded so positively and so promptly to our report and we are looking forward to constructive dialogue with ministers and officials on how the system of internships in this country can be improved, both to help young people and businesses.'

The report has also been welcomed by NUS and the TUC.

ippr's original press release, Confusion over interns' pay puts employers at risk of breaking law (31 July 2010)

BIS's press release, David Willetts comments on IPPR report on unpaid internships (31 July 2010)

ippr and Internocracy's report, Why Interns Need a Fair Wage (31 July 2010)

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