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The Progressive Policy Think Tank

State of the North 2023 - Looking out to level up: How the North and the UK measure up

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IPPR, the Institute for Public Policy Research, is the UK's leading progressive think tank

IPPR Centre for Economic Justice

Our ambitious initiative to provide the progressive and practical ideas for fundamental reform of the economy

IPPR Commission on Health and Prosperity

The commission is a landmark initiative, exploring the case that a fairer country is a healthier country, and that a healthier country is a more prosperous country

IPPR’s Fair Transition Unit

Our ambitious initiative to accelerate progress in reducing emissions and restoring nature, while also securing a fairer, more just, and thriving society

The Progressive Levelling Up Project

A major IPPR and IPPR North project to design a blueprint to rebalance power, wealth, and opportunity between and within our regions

London Progression Collaboration

An initiative to help over 1,000 Londoners to progress from unemployment into work, and from low-paid low-skilled work into better-quality, higher-paying jobs

IPPR Progressive Review

IPPR's journal of politics and ideas, showcasing the best in British and international thinking for achieving lasting progressive change.