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The Progressive Policy Think Tank


Bhargav is a senior research fellow at IPPR.

He is working on AI, computing, technology and the economy. He has written a book on AI (PackT Publishing), and has published peer-reviewed articles in world leading journals, conferences and workshops at the intersection of algorithms, computing, and society. His research expertise includes deep learning, data science, cognitive science, and cultural studies. 

Outside of IPPR, he is also a technology, data, and AI consultant for civil society groups, lawyers, and regulators who are looking to challenge big tech power and fight for algorithmic justice. Before joining IPPR, he was halfway through a PhD in Computer Science at EPFL, but left to work full time on the societal impacts of AI and computing. Bhargav has over a decade of experience working with Computer Science and IT technologies and received his MA in Computational Social Science from the University of Chicago.