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The Progressive Policy Think Tank


Parth is a research fellow in the Work and Welfare State team

His research focuses on reducing inequalities and bettering our health and care system. He is interested in intersectional approaches to improve population health.

In addition to his role at IPPR, Parth works at the UCL Institute of Health Informatics where he tries to make sense of complex data to improve the health of marginalised groups in society. He is currently researching ethnic disparities in covid-19.

Prior to joining IPPR, Parth worked as a junior doctor and was on the front line during the start of the coronavirus pandemic. He has been published in several academic journals and newspapers, including The Lancet, BMJ, The Independent and the Financial Times

He holds degrees in Natural Sciences and Medicine from the University of Cambridge.

Parth on Channel 4 News

Channel 4 News cover a report from IPPR and the Runnymede Trust think tanks on the disproportionate impact of Covid-19 on ethnic minorities in the UK and what the government should be doing about it