The social contract - that each generation should do better than the previous one - is increasingly under strain.

Progress is stalling or even going into reverse, with young people often more likely to be worse off than their parents. This can be seen most clearly in incomes and home ownership rates - but it can also be seen in education and learning.

We face four deeply concerning ‘learning gaps’ across all the main dimensions of ‘success in school and life’.

  • A foundation of knowledge needed to get on.
  • The competencies and character required for meaningful work.
  • An underpinning of good mental and physical health.
  • The tools required to thrive in life and participate in society.

Schools cannot solve these problems alone, but they could take on a bigger role if they were properly resourced and supported to do so. In this report, we argue for four shifts in order to better unlock the potential of all young people.