About Unpacking the polls: What comes next after the general election?

The next general election is now less than a month away and the parties are out campaigning on the doorstep. Polls have consistently predicted that Labour will see a landslide victory, on a par with that of the 1997 election, if not higher. The Liberal Democrats have been clear that they are not contesting seats that look set to turn red, instead focusing their efforts on Conservative swing seats. From the other side, the rise of the Reform Party and Nigel Farage (re)taking the reins is only exacerbating internal struggles within the Conservative Party.

This event, hosted by IPPR and iNHouse Communications, will be a chance to explore what the polls have been saying, what policy areas have proven salient on the campaign trail, and what the outcome of the election means – both for the Labour Party who seem set to win a large majority in the Commons, but also what that means for the future of the Conservative Party.


  • Sir John Curtice, Professor of Politics at University of Strathclyde
  • Jonathan Powell, CEO and Founder at Inter Mediate and former Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister
  • Carys Roberts, Executive Director at IPPR
  • Katie Perrior, Chair of iNHouse Communications
  • Chair: Pippa Crerar, Political Editor at the Guardian

Please note this event is by invitation only.

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