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The Progressive Policy Think Tank

Fair Transition Unit

About the Fair Transition Unit

IPPR’s Fair Transition Unit was established in June 2022 as a new landmark initiative to carry forward the work of IPPR’s cross-party Environmental Justice Commission (EJC) and award-winning work on environmental breakdown.

The FTU’s mission is: 

to accelerate progress in reducing emissions and restoring nature and secure a fairer, more just and thriving society.” 

To realise this mission, the FTU delivers projects, programmes and support to others focused on mainstreaming and securing a fair transition to net zero and the restoration of nature. Interventions that help shape the debate, offer solutions, and maintain and build political and public support for a fair transition for both climate and nature are needed now more than ever. This is what the FTU offers. 

As with the EJC, the FTU puts the public at its heart through extensive public deliberation, including citizens’ juries. Combining this approach with IPPR’s policy making and influencing expertise, will continue to bring people-centered solutions for a fair transition to net zero and nature into the corridors of power across the UK. 

Our experienced team deliver a range of activities in support of the FTU’s mission:

The FTU builds on IPPR’s landmark Environmental Justice Commission (EJC). The EJC drew views and recommendations from citizens from across the country in a way that has genuinely shaped policy thinking and had tangible policy and media impact.  

The final report of the Environmental Justice Commission defines the shifts needed in the UK’s approach to addressing the climate and nature crises, and makes the case for a ‘new social contract’ to deliver a transition that is both rapid and fair. The report goes on to outline the steps needed to realise this in practice, including what needs to be done, when and by whom. 

The commission’s recommendations were shaped by the experience, insights, and priorities of the jurors of our four citizens’ juries held across the UK in 2020-21. 

The advisory board of the FTU and governance mechanisms, including ongoing public and citizen involvement, will be announced in due course.