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Editorial - Trust, media and the crisis of liberal democracy

In the period since the financial crisis, two intertwined realities have come to dominate the minds of democracy’s advocates. Both have been brought to a head in the United States’ great experiment...

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27:3 issue contents - New Horizons

The 2021 elections to the Scottish and Welsh parliaments could mark a watershed moment as devolved institutions come of age. In the midst of the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, this moment could entrench...

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Editorial - New Horizons

More than 20 years of devolution have reshaped the UK’s devolved nations, and the union as a whole. While Scotland and Wales may have started from different places and different levels of commitment...

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Editorial - Greener on the other side?

A common refrain during Covid-19 – and, for many, the one silver lining – has been that ‘nature is returning’. By pushing humans inside, the pandemic has reduced pollution and resulted in wildlife...

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27.2 issue contents - Greener on the other side?

The pandemic has exposed our lack of resilience and preparation for severe global threats, caused by an outdated ideology that prioritises efficiency over wellbeing. This is just as true for Covid-19...

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27:1 issue contents - Universalism and the Welfare State

Austerity has failed. And Covid-19 now presents us with the biggest challenge in 70 years. We cannot afford to repeat the mistakes of the last crisis. We need a different approach – one that...

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Editorial - Universalism and the Welfare State

Since the 2008 financial crisis, this country has seen a programme of deep and sustained spending cuts to public services and social security, under the ideology of deficit control and ‘living within...

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26:4 issue contents - The New Corporatism

Business as usual no longer holds. More than a decade on from the financial crash, fundamental failings in orthodox theories of the role of business and purpose of profit have become brutally clear....

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Editorial - The New Corporatism

In the wreckage of the 2009 financial crash, many thought ‘business as usual’ would become immediately unsustainable. The financial sector’s collapse epitomised the failure of big, unregulated...

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