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IPPR's journal of politics and ideas, showcasing the best in British and international thinking for achieving lasting progressive change

After Brighton by Theo Bertram

This year’s conference was the first that truly belonged to Jeremy Corbyn. The transformation of Labour under his leadership has perhaps been faster and more fundamental than under any leader since...

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Labour Hegemonic? by Alex Williams

As the 2017 party conference season draws to a close, increasing rhetorical heat is developing around the idea that the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn has begun to decisively set the political...

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The World Transformed through Care by Helen Hester

Social reproduction ran like a red thread through The World Transformed this year, grounding many discussions in day-to-day practices of care – caring for spaces and environments, caring for oneself,...

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How employers rule our lives: an interview with Elizabeth Anderson

Mathew Lawrence: You begin your book with an examination of the history of egalitarianism before the Industrial Revolution, in which the Left viewed the market as the surest route to dismantling...

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Ten Years On From The Crash: A Retrospective Manifesto For the Left

“Only a crisis - actual or perceived - produces real change. When that crisis occurs, the actions that are taken depend on the ideas that are lying around.” If this quote by the Nobel Prize winning...

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Editorial - New economic policy: vision required

Britain’s political classes are worryingly complacent about the state of our economy. They act as if Britain remains an economic powerhouse when the reality is more pedestrian. Despite pockets of...

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New Economic Policy: vision required

Bluster and over-confidence cannot mask the UK economy’s longstanding weaknesses. Productivity growth is sluggish, inequalities stark, and living standards stagnant. This issue of IPPR Progressive...

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