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The UK must broaden its economic indicators and get better at measuring our rapidly changing economy, according to a new discussion paper from the IPPR think-tank.

The new discussion paper, Measuring What Matters – Improving the indicators of economic performance, warns that the focus on a small number of economic indicators, such as GDP, makes it harder to identify and tackle the UK’s biggest economic problems.

Catherine Colebrook, IPPR chief economist and author of the discussion paper said:

There is a real risk that the UK's current range of economic indicators are failing to capture what's really happening in our rapidly changing economy.

In particular, the focus on a small number of production indicators, notably GDP, narrows economic debate and perpetuates the myth that growth is all that matters.

If our economic indicators fail to provide a full and accurate view of our economy, we will struggle to identify problems and take effective action to solve them.

We need to get better at measuring the impact of new technologies, business models and economic goals, which are driving changing economic behaviour and trends.”

The discussion paper proposes a new dashboard of five economic outcome indicators, to be updated annually, which would directly measure our progress against the outcomes the public wants the economy to deliver – broadly-shared prosperity, justice and sustainability.

The five chosen indicators are:

  • the distribution of the gains from growth
  • the change in poverty rates among children and adults
  • the change in wellbeing disaggregated by income
  • the gap between the median income of the poorest region of the UK and the richest
  • the gap between projected carbon emissions and the cost-effective path to decarbonisation

Commenting on the new dashboard, Catherine Colebrook said:

“These five indicators would capture the current performance of the economy in achieving the outcomes that matter most - how broadly the economy distributes its rewards, whether it is succeeding at reducing poverty, whether people feel satisfied with their lives, and our progress at moving to an environmentally sustainable model of growth.”



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Measuring What Matters – Improving the indicators of economic performance by Catherine Colebrook, can be found at [] at 00:01 Friday 27th April 2018

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