Press Story

Reacting to the announcement of tax breaks for the oil and gas sector, IPPR Scotland welcomed the moves to help people now - but called for planning to ensure workers, families and local communities adapt to a post-oil, low carbon world - and avoid social scars similar to the coal and steel industry collapses.

Russell Gunson, Director of IPPR Scotland, said:

“Tax changes are welcome and can hopefully help the energy industry as well as the workers, families and communities that have been hit hard by falling oil and gas prices particularly in the north-east of Scotland.

"But while a short term boost is needed, we also need to plan for a transition to a low carbon economy where oil and gas play a different role.

“We saw with the collapse of the coal and steel industries in Britain in the ‘80s and ‘90s what economic and social devastation can result from an unplanned transition. So while it may be some way off, we need to make sure that when the North Sea oil industry winds down, the families and communities that currently depend on it are not simply left behind.”



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