Press Story

IPPR Scotland has reacted to the Scottish Government's announcement of Budget measures. Philip Whyte, IPPR Scotland director, said:  

“Earlier this year, first minister Humza Yousaf said his approach to tackling poverty would be rooted in ‘tax, targeted support, and tough budget choices’. However, while bold and important decisions have been taken on tax, the Budget has failed on targeting and tough choices. 

“During the SNP leadership election campaign, the first minister strongly hinted that he would use his first budget to deliver a £5 a week increase for the Scottish Child Payment and committed to accelerating the rollout of free childcare for one- and two-year-olds – two measures which would have helped lift tens of thousands more children out of poverty. But this Budget does neither. Instead, it directs precious resources at an ineffectual council tax freeze which will have little material impact on the poorest households and will instead disproportionately benefit the wealthier ones. 

“Figures next year will tell us if the government has met its interim, legally-binding, child poverty target, and is on track to meet its final target – but all indications so far are it will be missed. Taking a more progressive approach to taxation is right and important – but just as important is how that revenue is then used. This should have been a budget that set Scotland on track to meet those targets but instead they remain a mere ambition.”  

More detailed analysis to follow shortly.