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Harry Quilter-Pinner, IPPR Research Fellow, responding to reports that the Mayor of London is calling for a new diesel scrappage scheme as IPPR have called for, said:

“Our research shows that both legal and World Health Organisation limits on air pollution continue to be broken and the biggest cause of this is diesel vehicles. Without rapid policy change air quality will remain above legal limits until 2025 and beyond.

“To help people make the transition to cleaner vehicles, national government should provide the money for a vehicle scrappage scheme. This funding should be devolved to those cities with the worst pollution and be linked to the rollout of a network of clean air zones. So we support Sadiq Khan’s call for a National Vehicle Scrappage Fund, particularly the idea of funding communities to explore new and sustainable ways of travelling."



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Editor’s Notes:

1. A scrappage scheme was among a number of measures IPPR called for in its report 'Lethal and Illegal, Solving London's air pollution crisis', see: [].

2. See: 'Sadiq Khan: government must pay drivers £3,500 to scrap their polluting diesel cars', The Observer, 12 February 2017,

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