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The Progressive Policy Think Tank

IPPR North comment - Bus Services Bill

Commenting on the news in the Queen’s Speech that the government will introduce a Bus Services Bill, Luke Raikes, research fellow at IPPR North, said:

“The new Bus Services Bill could have a visible and significant impact on the daily commute of many of the residents in our major cities, and change the way we look at our public transport networks.”

“If the Bill is enacted, our major cities’ public transport networks could be far easier and more pleasant for passengers to use. It will enable smart ticketing to be as effective as London’s. It could also mean that all buses could have the same branding, emit less fumes, and be accountable to directly elected Mayors.”

“This is an important piece of legislation, but MPs need to make sure that it truly enables transport authorities to do this in practise, not just in principle. It is also vital that rural areas, and areas without Mayors are also able to use these powers fully, and the expertise of all sectors can be built in to the network.”


Ash Singleton, IPPR North, [email protected] or 0161 457 0536