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IPPR responds to Climate Assembly report: strong national leadership needed to reach net zero

Think tank says Climate Assembly UK has been an exemplar of how citizens can come together and develop well thought out solutions

IPPR responds to the Climate Assembly UK report, the result of the first UK wide citizens' assembly on climate change.

Luke Murphy, head of IPPR's Environmental Justice Commission and member of the advisory panel to the Climate Assembly, said:

"This is an important contribution to the debate on how the UK should reach net zero. Making over 50 recommendations across a whole range of policy areas from transport to farming, it is vital that the government examine them and take them forward.

"As well as a raft of recommendations, the Assembly members' have called for strong leadership from national government, for the ability of local areas to develop plans that best suit their needs and crucially, to put fairness at the very heart of the transition.

"The Climate Assembly UK has been an exemplar of how citizens from across the country can come together, debate the huge issues facing us and develop well thought out solutions. It is a process that deserves to be far more widely used within policymaking, which why it is at the heart of IPPR's Environmental Justice Commission."



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Luke Murphy is available for interview


  1. The IPPR Environmental Justice Commission interim report was published in May, and is available to read here:
  2. The IPPR Environmental Justice Commission is a cross party commission co-chaired by Caroline Lucas MP, Hilary Benn MP and Laura Sandys. Find out more about the commission here:
  3. The Commission is holding its own Climate Fairness Panels with people across the country. The first is being conducted online with people in Tees Valley and County Durham. Find out more here:
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