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IPPR responds to Labour's energy price cap call

Responding to Labour's call on the energy price cap and energy efficiency measures, Luke Murphy, IPPR's associate director for energy, climate, housing and infrastructure, said:

"Households across the country are facing an unprecedented squeeze on their incomes, so it's right that the government should step in to provide more support. As previous IPPR work has shown, capping energy prices will keep inflation down and support household incomes.

"But in the long-term, ramping up clean energy and a national energy efficiency programme are the only way to beat back inflation, tackle the cost of living crisis, ensure energy security and address climate change. 

"We welcome Labour's commitment today to invest in upgrading the nations homes and massively expand clean power. Now we must see the government make a similar commitment."


Luke Murphy is available for interview  


Liam Evans, senior digital and media officer: 07419 365334 [email protected]   

David Wastell, director of news and communications: 07921 403651 [email protected]  


  1. The IPPR paper, GreenGo: unlocking an energy efficiency and clean heat revolution published earlier this week called on the government to bring forward £5.8 billion of investment from 2025 to this parliament. It found upgrading homes would save the average household £500 a year. The report is available here: IPPR reports have shown that the energy price cap Jung C and Roberts C (2022) Spending and stability: How much fiscal space does the UK have?, IPPR. 
  2.; Jung C, Murphy L, Sandher J, and Sherzad M (2022) ‘Freezing the energy price cap could fight inflation and support households’, blog post, IPPR.
  3. Previous IPPR analysis has found that a full retrofitting programme in England could sustain over 400,000 direct jobs and 500,000 indirect jobs by 2030, and up to 2.7 million jobs in total as the programme is ramped up further in the run-up to 2050

  4. IPPR is the UK’s pre-eminent progressive think tank. With more than 40 staff in offices in London, Manchester, Newcastle and Edinburgh, IPPR is Britain’s only national think tank with a truly national presence.