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The Progressive Policy Think Tank

IPPR Scotland Responds to UK Chancellor’s Fiscal Event

Philip Whyte, director of IPPR Scotland said:   

“Today the UK Chancellor made reckless decisions that will benefit the wealthiest and leave families who need help most out in the cold. Both the UK and Scottish governments have work to do. 

“The Scottish government must reject Truss and Kwarteng’s irresponsible trickle-down economics and resist the temptation to copy and paste tax cuts for the rich. The urgent priority is supporting people in low-income households in Scotland now while creating the circumstances to secure transformational change in the long term.  

“With over £600m of additional funding potentially coming to Scotland as a result of the UK Government’s fiscal event, the Scottish government has a clear opportunity to strike a different course. At a time of crisis, and with ambitions to tackle child poverty and reduce emissions, it must use its upcoming budget wisely by rejecting regressive tax cuts and driving a more progressive approach. It can do this by funding collective services and social security to protect those families most exposed to the cost crisis.”