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IPPR Scotland: 'UK Government must help not hinder Scotland from remaining in the EU'

IPPR today launched its UK-wide series of events looking at the future of our relationship with Europe. The series starts with former Prime Minister and former Chancellor Gordon Brown making a speech: ‘The future of Britain in Europe’. This UK-wide series comes six days after the UK's vote to Leave the EU, and Scotland's clear vote to Remain.

Further events will take place across the UK, including a further Scotland event with the SNP considering the future of Scotland's relationship with Europe. Other speakers from across the political spectrum will be announced in due course.

Speaking ahead of today's event, Russell Gunson, Director of IPPR Scotland, said:

"Voters in Scotland have made their wish to stay within the EU absolutely clear. Every option should be considered that allows Scotland to have the closest possible relationship with the EU. This will likely take direct negotiations with the EU and with member states. The UK Government must help not hinder Scotland from remaining in the EU.

"The result last week absolutely reopens the debate on Scotland's constitutional future. While, IPPR Scotland is neutral on the issue of independence for Scotland, we will focus our efforts on supporting debate on Scotland's future based on neutral, third-party evidence and research. Regardless of what the future holds, IPPR Scotland's focus will be on ensuring we see a progressive future for Scotland and the people of Scotland."


For further information please contact Sarah Horner via [email protected] / 07584 604607.

Notes to Editors:

IPPR has come forward with five actions it believes the UK Government should take now, following the EU Leave vote. The actions IPPR propose are:

  1. Emergency legislation should be introduced granting all European Union citizens already legally resident in the United Kingdom an Indefinite Leave to Remain.
  2. A General Election should be called for the autumn to ensure that the government negotiating with the EU is seen to have a legitimate mandate.
  3. A new UK Government should lead the negotiations with the European Union, and should support the Scottish Government to be involved in the negotiations.
  4. A Bill should be introduced to create a new British investment bank.
  5. Legislation should be passed that guarantees all existing rights for workers that originate from the EU.

IPPR is also calling for Westminster to cancel summer recess in order to meet the challenges the UK faces following the vote to Leave last week.

IPPR's series will bring together significant figures from across the political spectrum and across the UK including Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat and SNP viewpoints. Other speakers will be announced in due course.

IPPR Director Tom Kibasi's speech this morning can be found here: