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The Progressive Policy Think Tank

IPPR tells political parties more of the same is not good enough in this General Election

IPPR sets out how the government elected in June could confront the mounting pressures the UK faces and warns tax rises inevitable

IPPR, the progressive policy think tank, publishes a manifesto for change ahead of June’s General Election.

Although Brexit will dominate much of the public debate over the next five weeks, the new government will also have to tackle mounting pressures facing our economy and society. IPPR also argues that all political parties will need to acknowledge that taxes will have to rise in the next parliament.

The manifesto sets out recommendations for change that all political parties could sign up to:

  • Negotiate a ‘Progressive Brexit’ that prioritises close UK-EU trade links in goods and services, maintains employment and consumer rights, and develops a new UK-EU agreement that seeks to gain greater control over migration;
  • Create a hypothecated ‘NHS Tax’ by raising income tax and national insurance for the highest paid to provide a further £3.9 billion a year to tackle the funding crisis in the NHS, and reform pensions tax relief to deliver a £3 billion a year cash boost to social care;
  • Guarantee a universal entitlement to free childcare for all those aged between two and four and greater paternity rights for working dads;
  • Introduce a new ‘Skills Levy’ to boost employer investment in skills and lifelong learning and a youth guarantee for 18–21-year-olds that offers education, training and intensive support to get into work;
  • Develop an active, place-based industrial strategy with powers devolved to strong regional and sub-regional institutions;
  • Introduce a five year ‘family tenancy’ for renters and give local areas the power to build more homes by devolving a share of stamp duty and freeing councils to borrow to build.

Miatta Fahnbulleh, IPPR Director of Research said:

“In this manifesto IPPR is setting out a series of practical and progressive recommendations for change. We hope they will be useful to all political parties in setting out how they will deliver the kind of change Britain needs to deal with the mounting pressures it faces.

“Many of these ideas will be controversial, but in policy terms more of the same from our political parties just won’t be enough for the UK. Throughout this election and into the coming Parliament IPPR will continue to find the evidence, and make the case for real progressive change.”

During this election, IPPR will be providing independent analysis of policies and arguing that all parties should adopt progressive positions on the key issues facing the UK. An independent charity, we do not support any particular party and work constructively and collaboratively with anyone who is open to new ideas across the political spectrum.



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Editor’s Notes:

1. Copies of the Manifesto for Change can be obtained here.

2. IPPR aims to influence policy in the present and reinvent progressive politics in the future, and is dedicated to the better country that Britain can be through progressive policy and politics. With nearly 60 staff across four offices throughout the UK, IPPR is Britain’s only national think tank with a truly national presence.

Our independent research is wide ranging and covers the economy, work, skills, transport, democracy, the environment, education, energy, migration and healthcare among many other areas.