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Starmer right to adopt muscular green industrial strategy, says IPPR

The influential IPPR think tank responds to the detail of Labour’s clean energy mission, which includes key pillars from the Institute’s Environmental Justice Commission and Fair Transition Unit. 

Luke Murphy, associate director at IPPR, said: 

“Keir Starmer’s speech reflects our call for a new British economic model. A more active state collaborating with business to drive green prosperity, combat climate change, level up the country, and create high skilled, well-paid jobs. 

“There is an emerging global consensus on employing a muscular green industrial strategy to capitalise on the economic benefits of the race to net zero. These policies will cut energy bills, generate jobs, help make Britain energy independent, and reduce emissions. 

“IPPR has long advocated for all parties to adopt these policies. The longer the UK delays, the further it will lag in the global green race. 

“To succeed, this strategy necessitates an uplift in public investment, phased in over time, ensuring the UK seizes the 21st century’s greatest growth opportunity.” 

Labour has adopted several of IPPR’s recommendations, including: 

  • Accelerating the rollout of renewables which directly benefit local communities either through community ownership or lower bills.  

  • Implementing a place-based industrial strategy so that energy and climate policy helps level up, grow the economy, and reduce emissions. 

  • Reform of the planning system, removing the de facto ban on onshore wind, reduce approval times for new projects, and requiring councils to plan for local renewables 

  • Proposals to link public investment and subsidies such as Contracts for Difference to job quality, wages, and access to trade unions. 


Luke Murphy is available for interview, including on site in Edinburgh following the end of Keir Starmer’s speech on Monday. 


Liam Evans, Senior Digital and Media Officer: 07419 365334 [email protected]  


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