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Workers on boards - any decision to row back would be a step in the wrong direction

Mathew Lawrence, IPPR research fellow on political and democratic reform, responding to reports that the Government are to row back on plans to increase workplace representation on company boards, said:

"Brexit was a signal that people want more control over their lives. In the workplace it is obvious why: the UK is ranked ahead of only Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania within the EU in terms of giving people influence in their own workplace.

"Any decision to row back on workers on boards would be a step in the wrong direction. Worker representation on boards isn’t a radical move. Among our more productive, investment-rich European competitors it is commonplace. The aim of corporate governance reform, after all, must be to address the UK’s core economic weaknesses on productivity, investment and fair growth.

"IPPR has launched the landmark Commission on Economic Justice to rethink economic policy for post-Brexit Britain to make sure the economy - which belongs to us all - works for everyone."



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Editor's Notes:

1. European comparisons are from: Vitols S (2010) ‘The European Participation Index (EPI): A Tool for Cross-National Quantitative Comparison’ ’ European Trade Union Institute.

2. IPPR is an independent registered charity and Britain’s leading progressive think tank. It is dedicated to the better country that Britain can be. With nearly 60 staff across four offices throughout the UK, IPPR is Britain’s only national think tank with a truly national presence. Our independent research covers the economy, work, housing, education, health, migration, energy, transport, devolution and democracy among other areas.