About Manifesting: A how-to guide

IPPR and The Conduit are hosting a joint events series on understanding the politics of today in the run up to the general election.

The build up to the next UK general election has started. The polls predict either an outright win for Labour or a majority for a coalition of progressive parties. Quietly, in the background, political parties are starting to pull together their manifestos. This begs the question: what promises will they make and will they be bold enough to manifest the change the country needs? Over the series, we'll ask:

  • What are the big policy debates that will shape the election?
  • What are the political parties likely to say about these in their manifestos?
  • What are the bold ideas that we need them to be committing to?

This first event of the series brought together cross-party representatives to discuss what a manifesto is and what makes one successful.

We explored the role of political party manifestos in electoral campaigns and voter decision-making, alongside their role in shaping public opinion and the national policy debate. Through examining some past successful – and some less successful – examples we looked at the process and key elements that go in to crafting an effective manifesto and their use in communicating a party’s vision.


  • David Miliband, President of the International Rescue Committee, and former Foreign Secretary
  • Claire Ainsley, Director of the Center-Left Renewal project, Progressive Policy Institute; and former Director of Policy to Keir Starmer
  • Miranda Green, Deputy Opinion Editor, Financial Times
  • Adam Hawksbee, Deputy Director, Onward
  • Carys Roberts, Executive Director, IPPR
  • Harry Quilter-Pinner, Director of Research and Engagement, IPPR


Watch the event here: