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The Progressive Policy Think Tank


Proudly independent, IPPR's research, analysis and policy development aims to open up opportunities, power and prosperity for everyone. 

IPPR Centre for Economic Justice

The Centre for Economic Justice at IPPR is our ambitious initiative to provide the progressive and practical ideas for fundamental reform of the economy, to one which achieves both prosperity and justice.

IPPR Environmental Justice Commission

Building on its pioneering work on environmental breakdown and its landmark Commission for Economic Justice, IPPR's Environmental Justice Commission will help develop the ideas and policies to bring about a rapid green transition that is fair and just.

IPPR Better Health and Care Programme

The programme aims to undertake new analysis and put forward bold policy recommendations to address the most significant challenges facing our health and care system today.

IPPR Future Welfare State Programme

The programme looks to understand the big shifts that will transform our country in the decades of disruption to come and how we can ‘future-proof’ our welfare state to manage them - creating a prosperous and just society.